Learn Korean: How to Conjugate Verbs in Korean

If you really want to learn Korean to a point where you are conversational and can actually form your own sentences and questions from understanding, not just memory, then one skill you absolutely HAVE TO learn is how to conjugate verbs.

Conjugating verbs in Korean is not terribly difficult to understand, but it will take some time and practice to actually be able to do it with speed and accuracy. But once you have it down, you will have moved yourself into a position where you can really start to SPEAK Korean and from there it’s only time and practice to where you’re really, really good at speaking.

These next 5 videos are made to show a couple things

1) exactly how to conjugate verbs in Korean, and…

2) why it is an absolutely necessary skill to have if you want to take your Korean to the next level and become a conversational ninja.

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