Learn Korean Q&A: “I’m learning Korean but…”

Hey there, I’ve got some more videos and an mp3 download for you!

A student just asked another question. The sentence has asked about is REALLY useful as it’s something that we will ALL have to say at one time AND another during our Korean-learning journey, and probably not just a couple times, probably quite a bit if you’re actually using Korean (which as I always say, you should be if you actually want to improve your ability).

The sentence he asked how to say is…

“I’m learning Korean but I don’t know that much yet so I don’t really know what you’re saying.”

Now taking a closer look at this sentence and the main structures, it can actually be broken up into three smaller chunks, “I’m learning Korean but…”, “I don’t know that much yet so…”, and “I don’t really know what you’re saying.”

Below are some videos showing how to say this. The first video just tells exactly how to say it without any explanation of it. Then the following videos show the structures at work and how you can change the sentence by using different verbs, etc. Each video will explain each of the 3 structures at work.

So check those out, and if you find them useful at all, feel free to hit the “like” button (it’d sure help out a ton!).



p.s. Click here to download the mp3 file of this sentence being said by a native Korean speaker.

Video #1: “I’m learning Korean but I don’t know that much yet so I don’t really know what you’re saying.”

Video #2: The breakdown of “I”m learning Korean but…”

Video #3: The breakdown of “I don’t know much yet so…”

Video #4: The breakdown of “I don’t really know what you’re saying.”

p.s. if these videos are way over your head because you’re just new to Korean, then you want to start here. Here you’ll get 4 hours of free videos taken from the full online course here at LearnKoreanOnline.net, and goes over the most important aspects of the basics, including how to read and right (can honestly be learned in a day!) as well as the basic sentence and how to form questions and answers using one of the most common verbs in the language. So check that out and when you’re ready for it, you can come back here. Thanks!

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  1. Catherine

    Hi Rob!

    I just finished watching the video here and I’ve got a question. (probably no surprise there.. ><)

    in class 11, you mentioned that for "but", we should either use 근데 or –는데 since it is more common than 하지만. But from what I understood here, you used –지만 which probably came from 하지만. would it also be ok if i we use for example:
    한국말 배우고 있는데.?


  2. Rob

    Nice, way to put that together! Yup, both would definitely be fine!

  3. Elaine Jackson

    Rob, when I try to download the .mp3 file by clicking on the link you give it tells me there are no posts that match my criteria.

  4. Rob

    Hi Elaine, try clicking (or copying and pasting) this link…