‘Learn Korean Online’ Question and Answer: “I’ve heard ‘과’ (gwa) before as well. What’s that?”

Hey Miranda,

Here’s a video answering your question. There’ll be some more notes and examples down below the video.


P.S. If you’re just new to learning Korean, but would maybe like to try to learn Korean online, then if you look to the right of this post, you’ll see a big, red free sign. Under that (at the time I’m writing this), it says you’ll get over 70 minutes worth of free videos teaching how to read and write. Well, that’s true, those videos are actually just class one of the course. What you’ll also get is, although it doesn’t say it there, is classes 2, 3, and 4, which will get you reading as well as get you into the basic Korean sentence and how it breaks down and can be manipulated to ask and answer questions. A great starting point if you’re just new. (if I may say so myself). Cheers!

Additional Notes:

와 (w-ah) and 과 (gwa):

Used as ‘and’ between nouns.

와 (w-ah) follows a vowel

ex) a man and a woman: 남자 와 여자

과 (gwa) follows a consonant:

ex) bread and milk: 빵 과 우유

* Also, I didn’t mention this in the video, but we get into using and practicing it a bit later in the course, but ‘~랑’ can also be used. It translates as ‘with’, but is contextually used as ‘and’ as well.

Cheers, hope that helps!

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