Learn Korean: How to Conjugate Verbs in Korean

If you really want to learn Korean to a point where you are conversational and can actually form your own sentences and questions from understanding, not just memory, then one skill you absolutely HAVE TO learn is how to conjugate verbs.

Conjugating verbs in Korean is not terribly difficult to understand, but it will take some time and practice to actually be able to do it with speed and accuracy. But once you have it down, you will have moved yourself into a position where you can really start to SPEAK Korean and from there it’s only time and practice to where you’re really, really good at speaking.

These next 5 videos are made to show a couple things

1) exactly how to conjugate verbs in Korean, and…

2) why it is an absolutely necessary skill to have if you want to take your Korean to the next level and become a conversational ninja.

So give these videos a watch, and if you find them useful (and don’t mind doing so), please hit the “like” button just above. It’d really help out a ton!

And any thoughts you have on these videos or any questions these videos may lead to, feel free to leave them below in the “comments” section.

Thanks, and happy learning!…


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  1. Erick

    These videos are very informative. This will definitely take some practice, however, it will definitely move my conversational skills to the next level. Thanks for making this available.

  2. You’re very welcome, Erick. And you’re right, just practice and time and you’ll get there. But one thing I’d also add while you’re practicing and using what you’ve learned is, don’t worry about making mistakes. Just get talking!

  3. Ahuva

    Thank you Rob for these excellent videos. I truly appreciate all the hard work you do so we can learn and understand the Korean language. I’m sure it takes so much time and effort to do it and I have a lot of respect and appreciation for you .

  4. Thanks so much for saying so, Ahuva! How have your studies been going lately?

  5. Ahuva

    It’s going OK, I’m practicing what we’ve learned, I try to read Korean online newspapers and magazines, little by little, it’s fun. when I’m working at home I’m singing out loud every K-Pop song I know (my neighbors definitely think I’ve gone completely crazy, but I don’t care…) I dream of taking a big trip to Korea someday… that will be awesome !

  6. Well said, Ahuva! this is just how I feel.
    Thank you so much, Rob~ You are an angel for people like us who do not get to meet Korean speakers or find a near by school to learn the language. Your helping us is a blessing.

  7. Taylor

    Love these videos! sooo helpful^^ i have a friend who’s learning korean in a university here in the states and i feel like i’m learning korean the same as her, maybe even better than her :P Thanks so much Rob!!

  8. Wow, Dalia, thank you so much. When I first made these videos, it was people with that exact situation I had in mind, so it’s great to hear they’re serving their purpose. Glad you enjoyed these latest videos!


  9. Haha, well, I don’t know about that, but I’m certainly happy to hear you’re finding them useful!


  10. Thank you so much RobJ for these simplified videos. I am learning korean so easy and effortless.Continue serving us with korean.

  11. Marwa

    Thankyou it’s really help me.

    You’re an amazing teacher =))

    Have a nice day.

  12. Thanks Marwa, very much appreciated!!

  13. Awesome, Cosmos, great to hear! Keep going through the vids and let me know if you have any questions.


  14. Kristen

    안녕하세요 선생님:] i was wondering, whats the difference between 안녕하쉽니까and안녕하세요?

  15. Laarni

    Kudos to you Rob! I am really learning a lot from your classes. I just finished class #4 and am still looking forward for class #5 , 6, 7 … and so on and so more.

    Have a wonderful day!

  16. Ashley

    Rob, you’re a really great teacher. I’ve taken some Korean lessons here in Jeju, but catching up with your videos is really useful because you explain it very simply and natural to understand compared to the teachers who can’t speak English to explain the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’.
    I really appreciate all you do for us!

  17. Thanks, Ashley, for saying so. That’s more or less the whole reason the idea for these classes (the offline ones at first) started, so it’s nice to hear that people are actually finding it useful. How long have you been in Jeju now? Unfortunately I don’t know that much of what I teach translates on Jeju since they have pretty much their own special dialect seperate from the rest of the country!

  18. Cheers Laarni, kudos to you as well. Still going through the classes?


  19. Sorry, this answer is coming a bit late I see, but I’d say that the former (안녕하십니까) is just a bit more formal. Both are quite formal, but the latter would be used more formally in public settings when you don’t really know the person or you’re just meeting them, whereas the former would be when you want to be very formal with a specific person, i.e. the first time I met my grandmother-in-law, or a teacher to his principle.

    Does that make sense?

  20. margarita

    Really usefull and clear.These videos help me very much,just because i was concerned how to use verbs in the wright way,and it took me a long time ,now it’s seem that i’m improving faster thanks your videos.Cheers from Spain.

  21. Nina

    I have a question: Is there a blanc character after ~고 and before 주세요?

  22. Hi Nina,

    Can you tell me which video (and possibly what time in the video) you’re talking about? I’ll have to go in and see exactly what’s happening to give a proper answer (sorry, I made these videos a little while back so it’s tough to remember exactly what I went over^^)



  23. Tina

    oh my gosh! Rob! Love Love your explanation on the conjugations! It helped me so much! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  24. Raggie

    Thanks so much for these videos, they’re so awesome and it just makes learning Korean that much more fun. They’re so informative, it’s really helped me so much. Thank you again!

  25. You’re very welcome, Raggie! Glad you’re enjoying them, and thanks for writing and saying so!!

  26. Gabriela

    Thank you so much your videos are absolutely helpful ^^ i live in Canada , in this moment lots of things are Happening in Alberta After the flood but I’m trying to keep up with the classes .thank you soooo much for your help

  27. Yeah, I heard about the floods out there (my brother lives in Red Deer). Hope all is getting better. And glad to hear you’re enjoying the videos. No rush with it at all.

  28. sally

    annyonghaseyo , you are seriously the best seonsaeng I have ever had. NO LIE! I never knew this much about a language in my life ( well not really ) but jinjihage you are THE BEST. Gamsahbnida seongsaengnim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hahaha, awesome, glad to hear it’s helping so much!!