“How-to” Korean: what to say in a restaurant…


Here’s the next set of vids in the “How-to Korean series, going over some basic (and some not-so-basic) things you can say in different situations around Korea. Below each video, there’s a list of what expressions that particular video goes over. So check those out and watch the videos for basic explanations and pronunciation of each one.

I hope you find them useful, and if you have any questions you’d like answered, or any expressions you’d like to know how to say, just reply to this and let me know.

And one other thing, in the videos you’ll notice that I NEVER use English phonetics to write Korean. I personally think it’s a waste of time and creates more confusion than actually helps. So if you don’t know how to read and write, then I highly suggest that’s the first thing you do. And if you would like to, well you’re in luck! Check out this page. You can get the first four classes (just under 4 hours of videos of videos) of the online class here at LearnKoreanOnline.NET totally FREE. Classes 1 and 2 will show you everything you need to know to be able to read and write.

And if you can already read and write, but not a whole lot else, classes 3 & 4 get into the basic sentence and teach you a few VERY useful things that you’ll both hear and use all the time during your stay here. So yeah, that’s all. Enjoy the videos (down below) and I’ll talk to you soon.



“How-to Korean: what to say in a restaurant


몇분 이세요?
How many people are there in group?

두명 이에요.
There are two.

뭘 드릴까요?
What can I get you?

주문 하시겠어요?
Are you ready to order?

네 / 이직요
Yes. / Not yet


(to get someone’s attention)

물좀 더 주세요
Give me some more water, please.

상추좀 더 주세요
Give me some more lettuce, please.

이것좀 더 주세요
Give me some more of this, please. (while pointing at something)

Some of this too, please.


삼겹살 삼인분 주세요
We’ll have 3 orders of sam-gyup-sol, please.

소주 한병 주세요
We’ll have 2 bottles of soju, please.

콜라 두병 주세요
We’ll have 2 bottles of cola, please.

그리고 = ‘and’


이거 맛있어요?
Is this good?

여기서 뭐가 맛있어요?
What do you recommend? (What’s good here?)

여기서 뭐가 제일 맛있어요?
What’s your specialty? (What’s the best here?)

저거 똑 같은걸로 주세요
I’ll have the same as that.

저는 ~에 알레르기가 있어요
I’m allergic to ________.

그래서 ~ 빼 주세요
So please take out/off the _______.

다 먹었어요
I’m finished eating.

아직 다 안먹었어요
I’m not finished eating yet.

저 양파 없이 만들어 주세요 (해 주세요)
Please make it without onions.

저 양파 빼고 해 주세요
Please make it without onions.

이건 매워요?
Is this spicy?

제가 매운거 못먹어요
I can’t easy spicy things.

이것좀 안맵게 해 주세요
Please make this non-spicy.


저희는 방으로 주세요
We’d like to sit on the floor. (in a room)

저희는 테이블로 주세요
We’d like to sit at a table.

저희가 피자를 시켰는데요 아직 안나왔어요
We ordered pizza but it hasn’t come out yet.

이거 이제 먹어도 돼요?
Is this ready to eat?

이거 몇이분 이에요?
How many people does this serve?

저 어름 빼고 물만 주세요
Can I have some water without ice?

우리 ~를 먼저 주세요
Can we have the ____ first?


이것좀 포장 해 주세요
Wrap this up (to go), please.

계산서 (좀) 주세요
Can we have the bill, please?

제가 (계산을) 할게요
I’ll pay (the bill).

계산서 한사람씩 따로 해 주세요
We’d like to pay seperately.

계산 못하게 하세요…제가 낼게요
Don’t let him pay, I’ll pay.