How-to Korean: “I don’t understand what you’re saying”


This’ how-to Korean’ video is actually an answer to a question by one of the students of LearnKoreanOnline.NET.  The question was about the statement ‘무수 말인지 몰라요’ which translates to “I don’t know what you’re saying”, and actually the question was more specifically, what does the ‘무슨 말인지’ part of that sentence mean?

So check out the video (down below), and if you have any more questions about it or anything else, fire away.

Cheers, and happy learning!


p.s. If you’re new to Korean, this video will be a bit over your head so my suggestion would to head here and get the 4 hours of free videos teaching the basics. That’s where you want to start, and you can always come back to this later.